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A few favorite stories

I've developed impactful campaigns and master brand approaches, then directed their supporting landing pages, videos, banner ads and more.
This work shows you can always tell a little story or have a bit of fun, even with a business-to-business "opportunity." You'll see national print to program ads.
TV & Video
I worked almost exclusively on TV spots for years. Then my range expanded to TV movies and animated shorts. Most recently I've learned the joys of quick, simple videos that can be created quickly and achieve high engagement in social channels. There's a real thrill to seeing your connection with consumers unfold in real time.
The websites I've included here are largely examples of voice. I designed the website you're on right now, which was a fun new experience. So I added a blog to my roster.
Direct Mail
I didn't realize how much fun direct mail could be until I arrived at Hallmark. Direct is an important part of their marketing mix, giving me the chance to write and lead some great work. In fact, our For America's Babies piece earned my first placement in the CA Ad Annual.
Always a fun challenge to see what can be done with a giant surface that cars are passing at 65mph.
Product requires a different type of thinking than advertising. These need to be words people will pay for, because they represent who they are, how they feel about someone else, or just feel good. And sometimes the right choice is simply "love" or "sister."
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